Buyer Guide

Dubai • Abu Dhabi • Sharjah • Ajman

Our Buyer Guide is designed to navigate you through the process and ensure a successful purchase of property in Dubai. Our agents use every means at our disposal to make you feel comfortable and informed throughout the home buying process.

Hire a professional property consultant:

  • Hire a professional (Real Estate Regulatory Agency) RERA-registered real estate agent in Dubai. They’ll explain the legalities and recommend properties that suit your tastes.

Choosing a property

  • After discussion with your agents, your agent will shortlist a couple of projects in Dubai which fit your requirements – budget, location, features and benefits. Then in 3-4 days you will check projects.

Reservation of property

  • Once you choose the right property, you pay around 1% booking fee to the Developer account and then you will have a week or 10 days to complete the Down Payment amount which generally it is between 20-30%. After paying the Down Payment your Sales & Purchase agreement will be generated and given to you for signature.

Complete the Sale:

  • Check the title deed and sales agreement. To simplify ownership transfer, collaborate with your real estate agent, lawyer, and developer.


  • Understand service rates, maintenance fees, and community rules. Follow rules and engage in homeowners’ associations and community projects.

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