Property Management

Dubai • Abu Dhabi • Sharjah • Ajman

The most critical step after purchasing a house in Dubai is property management. Many investors who are considering investing in Dubai real estate market are unsure of how to proceed; some choose to invest on their own, but others find it difficult and unreliable. As a result, they decide to work with a specialized real estate investment management company, which provides significant benefits over working alone.

Real estate investment management can give investors access to markets that they find challenging to locate or penetrate, can offer high-quality management and unique counsel, and can offer joint investment possibilities to help new investors participate in the activities of businesses with extensive experience. By beginning with proper property management, you can ensure a great return on your investment!

Property management services in Dubai

  • Leasing and complete scope of activity
  • Suggesting a price matrix to generate the expected ROI based on long and short term leasing in Dubai.
  • Budget preparation
  • Advising on leasing strategy and tactics
  • Using marketing and advertising to find the project’s ideal tenants.
  • Contract management and other legal issues.
  • Management of tenant communications
  • Collection of rent on a regular basis
  • Preserve the appearance of the property.
  • Reduction and control of energy use
  • The property’s maintenance (regular and emergency)
  • Cleaning services

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