About Dubai

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Political and Economic Stability in Dubai

Dubai, one of the safest cities in the world, is taking steady steps both in its economy and in its policies. Dubai government introduces itself to investors and businessmen in the best way with its education, health, entertainment, residence and other opportunities. At the same time, Dubai investors, including some of the world’s richest names, prove that they care about security. They must be happy to see that the risk of damage to their property is minimal, thanks to the high level of security measures taken in this city.

Strategic Location of Dubai

Acting as a bridge between East and West, Dubai is located on the southeastern shores of the Persian Gulf. Dubai, which is a natural stopover point with its location on an old trade route and still maintains its importance, is why it is very developed in trade. In addition, its climate has turned Dubai into a natural vacation paradise. Dubai, which uses the advantages of this feature very well, has become one of the most popular tourism areas.​


In Dubai, which is a tax-free economy, property and earnings are not taxed by the government. Therefore, Dubai becomes an inevitable opportunity for businessmen and investors. Just think, the tax you will pay on your income from the appreciation of your real estate and rental income is ZERO.

2nd busiest airport in the world​

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