Reem Hills Villas

  • 11 324 200 ДИРХАМОВ
Абу-Даби, остров Аль-Рим, Объединенные Арабские Эмираты
Продажа Q Properties
Reem Hills Villas
Абу-Даби, остров Аль-Рим, Объединенные Арабские Эмираты
  • 11 324 200 ДИРХАМОВ


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  • 11 324 200 ДИРХАМОВ
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  • Q Properties
  • Застройщик
  • Q4 2025
  • Дата сдачи
  • 10%
  • Первоначальный взнос


Общие сведения о проекте

The best of all worlds awaits you in the gated community of Reem Hills, where a luxurious life of leisure, serenity, healthy living, and an unmatched diverse community is built in spinning ribbons overlooking splendorous surroundings such as man-made hills, beaches and a canal.

At Reem Hills, the beautifully landscaped development boasts a gradation of levels, reaching the main and higher-most hill where breathtaking 360 degree views offer residents unimpeded sights of natural beauty from greenery to sea. Lush and panoramic landscapes ascend to ever higher grounds, providing you with the opportunity to rise above and expand your vision in naturally rich, are ideal for a life of tranquility, resilience, and harmony.

Every corner of Reem Hills is created to exude and embrace you with peace. From your home to the moment you step outside, the options at hand to keep you serene, healthy and in a constant state of well-being are numerous and plentiful. Allow yourself to thrive in a community that At Reem Hills, residents have a choice between 5 to 7 bedroom villas in 4 design styles providing residents with beautifully created architectural lines that inspire harmonious living in luxurious and intimate yet roomy settings, with breathtaking views on all sides.

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Описание места и преимущества

Al Reem Island is a natural island located in the Arabian Gulf off the coast of Abu Dhabi. The island is connected to the mainland by several bridges, making it easily accessible.

The island has undergone significant development over the past decade and is now a thriving residential and commercial community. It is home to several high-rise residential buildings, as well as office towers, hotels, and shopping centers.

Al Reem Island is known for its luxurious and modern architecture, and many of its buildings offer stunning views of the surrounding sea and cityscape. The island also has several parks and recreational areas, as well as a marina and a promenade along the waterfront.

План платежей
  • 10% оплата:При бронировании
  • 10% оплата:Через 6 месяцев после бронирования
  • 10% оплата:12 месяцев после бронирования
  • 10% оплата:24 months after booking
  • 60% оплата:При передаче

Документы на недвижимость

Reem Hills Villas Brochure
Reem Hills Villas Floor Plan


  • Вилла с 5 спальнями: AED 11,324,200 — AED 0
  • Вилла с 6 спальнями: AED 16,000,000 — AED 0
  • Вилла с 7 спальнями: AED 20,000,000 — AED 0

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