Aqua Dimore

  • 756 000 ДИРХАМОВ
Дубай, Дубайский научный парк, Объединенные Арабские Эмираты
Продажа Винчиторе
Aqua Dimore
Дубай, Дубайский научный парк, Объединенные Арабские Эмираты
  • 756 000 ДИРХАМОВ


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  • 756 000 ДИРХАМОВ
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  • Винчиторе
  • Застройщик
  • Q4 2026
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Общие сведения о проекте

Aqua Dimore redefines the very essence of contemporary living, inspiring you to embark on a unique journey of experiential living. Whether you find inspiration in the gentle flow of water, the boundless skies, the deep forest or a sun-kissed island, Aqua Dimore offers an immersive and perpetual vacation experience, every day of your life.

Aqua Dimore is designed with a philosophy that links royal indulgence with nature’s poetic state of flow. Etched at the thriving landscape of Dubai Science Park, Aqua Dimore redefines experiential living with the subtle balance of an aquatic oasis.

Welcome to a 50,000 sq ft leisure zone unlike any other, meticulously designed to nourish both body and soul. This enchanting and thoughtful world invites you to immerse yourself in the soothing embrace of nature and unwind in the most serene settings.

Aqua Dimore is a paradigm for Dubai’s forward -thinking community, offering a never-before Sky Villa concept. Each sky Villa comes with an expansive balcony and private plunge pools that let you discover the perfect oasis above the city. These exclusive residences are more than just homes; they are a testament to your appreciation of life’s finest pleasures.

Отделка и материалы

Designer wall & false ceiling, custom made designer chandelier, designer mood lighting, marble counter top, European branded fixtures & fittings, gold finished accessories

Кухня и бытовая техника

Полностью оборудованная кухня



Описание места и преимущества

Dubai Science Park isn’t just a place; it’s a thriving innovation community, a unique ecosystem that brings together individuals and organizations who share a passion for science, technology, and discovery. It’s a dynamic hub where collaboration is at the heart of progress, and where innovation is nurtured and celebrated.

As a community, Dubai Science Park is home to a diverse and talented pool of professionals, scientists, researchers, and entrepreneurs. They come together to exchange knowledge, share ideas, and inspire each other, all within a supportive and inspiring environment.

This community is more than just a collection of buildings and laboratories; it’s a catalyst for innovation and a launchpad for groundbreaking ideas. Here, startups find the support and resources they need to turn their dreams into reality, while established companies continue to grow and push the boundaries of what’s possible.

With a commitment to sustainability, collaboration, and the pursuit of knowledge, Dubai Science Park is a beacon for those who seek to make a difference. It’s a place where innovation thrives, where discoveries are made, and where the future is being written every day.

Документы на недвижимость

Aqua Dimore Brochure
Aqua Dimore Floor Plans


  • Апартаменты-студио: AED 756,000 — AED 907,000
  • Апартаменты с 1 спальней: AED 1,220,000 — AED 1,336,000
  • Апартаменты с 2 спальнями: AED 1,980,000 — AED 2,008,000
  • Квартиры с 2,5 спальнями: AED 2,103,000 — AED 2,254,000
  • Апартаменты с 3 спальнями: AED 2,581,000 — AED 2,690,000
  • Студия + апартаменты с бассейном: Продано
  • Квартиры с 1,5 спальнями: Продано

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